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Modular & Customized Limb Salvage Systems

Cancer is a genetic disease caused by growth promoting proto-oncogenes, growth inhibiting tumour suppressor genes and genes regulating cell death or apoptosis. when a cell starts growing in an uncontrolled manner it leads to cancer and this mass of fast growing cells damages normal tissue and bone structure.

These implants are manufactured within an integrated program, under the aegis of the performing surgeon and XLO - for the structural design, material configuration, dynamics of motion desired, and longevity of the prosthesis for enhancing the stability of decayed bone joints & thereby improve the quality of life of these critical patients.

XLO- Joint Resection Prosthesis are available for the bone anatomies in Titanium & Stainless Steel.

These implants are both modular and fixed & are manufactured as per surgeons specifications, from case to case.

XLO offers a wide range of Modular & Customized & Innovative Implants for Joint Resection and Replacement, which are unique in design, composite in structure, provide wide flexibility during surgery, are extremely versatile and offer post operative natural mobility to terminally ill patients suffering from osteosarcoma.

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Acromium Prosthesis
Arthodesis Modular Knee Prosthesis
Complete Humerus Expandable Prosthesis
Distal Complete Tibial Femoral Modular Kness Prosthesis
Distal Femur Expandable Prosthesis
Distal Femur Modular Knee Prosthesis
Distal Tibia Modular Prosthesis
Elbow Distal Humerous Resection Prosthesis
Expandable Proximal Tibia Prosthesis
Hinged Knee Prosthesis
Modular Shoulder Proximal Humerous Prosthesis
Pariactublam Saddle Modular Prosthesis
Proximal Femur Modular Hip Prosthesis
Proximal Tibia Epiphyseal Limb Sparing Prosthesis
Proximal Tibia Modular Knee Prosthesis
Radial Head Prosthesis
Scapula Replacement Prosthesis
Talus Prosthesis