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Xlo specializes in providing surgeons with innovations spine implants to treat a wide range of lumbar and cervical spinal conditions. Our spine systems are most typically designed to treat nerve/spinal cord impingement, known as ‘decompression surgery’ or for spinal instability which is known as ‘fusion surgery’. We currently manufacture and supply spinal implants across India and our products range from the xl-pl mis pedicle screw system, xl-nv pedicle screw system, xl-csp and spine cages.

The original Mission started in the year 1992 and established an organizational culture that was founded on a vision of contributing to the wellbeing of humanity. Since then XLO’s Mission states their goal is to grow in Innovation in Orthopedics, create quality reliable products, to make a fair profit, recognize the personal worth of employees, and to maintain good citizenship.

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Orthopedic spine implants in India are medical devices used by the surgeons for the patients. The purpose of using implants is to treat a deformity or to simply strengthen the spine. Some of the implants stabilize the spine and facilitate fusion. Xlo manufactures and suppliers a wide range of spine implants and designs a variety of implants for the patients. Some of the implants are used to treat the disorders like scoliosis, fracture, degenerative disc and more. Spine implants play a pivotal role in the treatment of the chronic degenerative disc disease. If the spine requires a corrective surgery, spinal implants are considered significant for the complete treatment of the patient.

We currently supply the most innovative surgical spinal implant technologies from 1992 across India and can provide a wide range of products to treat a number of cervical and lumbar spinal conditions. 

Different types of materials are used to make the implants. Orthopaedic spine implants in India are manufactured mostly using body-friendly or biocompatible materials. The spine implants are capable of offering optimal spinal stabilization and strength. Broadly, the implants can be categorized into two main categories – fusion and non-fusion. A few of the examples of fusion implants are screws, rods, plates, interbody cages etc. Some of the main examples of non-fusion implants are artificial discs etc.

Surgeons use the implants required based on the condition and treatment of the patient. At Xlo, XLO is one of the best spine implant manufacturers and suppliers in India, the surgeons, other medical professionals and patients can buy a variety of the implants.

Implants are extremely important for the proper treatment of the patients. Therefore, it is an utmost priority of the surgeons to buy good quality implants that help the patients. We are considered as a trustworthy implant manufacturer because we have been supplying efficient implants for a long period of time. The patients are able to get maximum benefits from the implants and hence, surgeons like to buy implants from us.