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XLO has experienced an increase of international sales that are mainly coming from Export markets. This is because of innovative products, R&D, inexpensive manufacturing operations, and a “diversified portfolio of orthopedics, Tumor Prosthesis, Customized Implants, spine, and surgical instrumentation products”.

The locking plate is also known as an orthopaedic locking plate in the healthcare industry. A locking plate’s primary focus is that it improves the inferior quality of bone by increasing the bone, screw, and plate connection’s functional performance. Our range of locking plates is manufactured using the highest-quality medical-grade stainless steel for strength and durability.

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Xlo, one of the best locking plates manufacturers, has a cutting-edge infrastructure to manufacture the plates and screws. We use the highest quality material to make the bone locking plates and screws. The overall quality and efficiency of the implant is mostly dependent on the quality of the material. 

Thus, we only use medically-approved material for making the implants. Apart from using the best quality material, we also use top-notch tools and techniques for the manufacturing process. Our professionals intelligently assess and upgrade the manufacturing process as per the trends of the industry.

Bone locking plates are medically used surgical tools. They are mostly used to stabilize fractures to treat them faster. Bone locking plates are different from the conventional plates as they are specifically designed for a certain purpose. In this plate, the screw heads lock into the plate, and this offers a fixed-angle device. 

Bone locking plates are usually less rigid as compared to the standard plates. Bone locking plate offers more stability because it is designed especially for certain conditions. One of the leading bone locking plate manufacturers, Xlo’s team intelligently designs the plate for the patients. With the help of these plates, surgeons are able to successfully perform the surgeries.

Screws, plates and nails are a few of the most commonly used implants in the surgical world. The main reason for using a bone screw is to produce compression in bones. The compression is necessary to mend a bone injury. The primary function of the bone screw is to convert the forces that arise due to the movement of the bone to compression. The compression is then distributed all across the surface of injured bones. Screws convert the compression torque into internal tension in the screw as well as elastic reactions in the none nearby. As a result, compression is created between the fracture fragments held together by the bone screw. Xlo is a leading supplier of bone locking screws in India.