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External Fixtator

An external fixator or external fixation system is used in the treatment of bone fracture and mending, aligning the ruptured or broken bone well, increasing the healing process. Metal implants like bone clamp, fixator, wires, screws, etc are inserted into the bones This results in fracture stability which then sees to it that the bone gets back to proper shape bonding and developing again as the person recovers. The external fixation system comprises many different types. Dynamic Axial Fixation, Tubular fixator System, the Ilizarov Ring Fixator System, etc all these are different types of external fixators.

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The Dynamic Axial fixation system again has many subtypes. The axial fixation comes in small, medium and large sizes. There is a Compression and Lengthening System which too comes in small, medium and large sizes. For the surgery of limbs there is the Limb Reconstruction System which has many different types and sizes, there are also tools known as the Radius and Distal Radius System. These are the various dynamic axial fixation instruments used in a surgery.

Another type of an external fixator is the Tubular Fixator System that has a Universal Tubular fixator System for Big Bone, a Mini Tubular fixator System, Carbon Rods / S.S. Rods, Clamps and Tubes, Schanz Screw and pins. These various fixation instruments come under the tubular system of external fixators.

Lastly the Ilizarov Ring Fixator System has an array of fixator parts and fixation instruments like rings, Italian arches, threaded rods, telescopic rods, hinges, bolts, threaded socket, connection screws, nuts etc. There are a number of plates like short long, threaded, curved and twisted, semi ring, etcThese are the various surgical and fixation instruments used in orthopedic surgery. The external fixation system treats the wound or damage well and fastens the healing and recovery process far safer and quicker today. Xlo is leading external fixator system manufacturer and supplier in India to ensure quality.