In 2018 XLO started expansion and XLO’s global scale and scope across geographies and functions and its commitment to innovation make them an ideal organization to carry forward the mission, there are multiple benefits for a company that invests in global expansion. A company with a global network has access to skills, networks, and knowledge that will give them a competitive edge. Organizational learning that operates in a global network will improve effectiveness and increase core competencies.

XLO has experienced an increase of international sales that are mainly coming from Export markets. This is because of innovative products,  R&D, inexpensive manufacturing operations, and a “diversified portfolio of orthopedics, Tumor Prosthesis, Customized Implants, spine, and surgical instrumentation products”.

Managing Socialization and Role Orientation

Because XLO’s success depends on the creation of new products, marketing, and cost effective manufacturing, it is imperative that employees from different background come to share the vision and mission of XLO. This is a process that will be “strengthened and changed over time by the people who control and lead it” . Business culture empowers employees by giving them a common business platform. This is an important piece of the change process that must be considered in a diverse culture.

XLO is optimistic about its organizational structural change, we are  re-routing resources for domestic &  global scenarios where there is the most opportunity for growth and profit. Organizational learning will be promoted and partner successes will be celebrated. By applying this model , XLO’s core philosophy will be one of flexibility, innovation, efficiency, and productivity. Global business cultures will merge to anchor in corporate mission of corporate citizenship, a collaboration of innovation, responsibility in the marketplace, environmental stewardship, and global leadership in addressing Unique solutions for the Orthopedic Fraternity.