Pain Is Now Was Past For You.

Our Certificates

we are a part of many national and international authorities and compliance with all the safety measure from them.

Confirming to ASTM Standards.

XLO implants are manufactured in Ti-6Al-4V (ELI) and Stainless Steel 316L conforming to ASTM Standards

100% Individually Packed STERILE implants

XLO is the only Indian Company which is providing 100% Individually Packed STERILE implants.

A certified company

A CE, EN ISO 13485:2016, WHO:GMP & ISO 9001:2015 certified company

Certificate of Compliance

certificate no. : 3892

Drug License

License no. : MFG/MD/2020/000170

Certificate Of Registration

EN ISO : 13485:2016

Free Sale Certificate

FSC no. : FSC/MD/2020/000012

FSC Instrument Certificate

File no. : 05/30/70/229/AM-21CLA

Certificate Of Registration

ISO : 9001:2015

Market Standing Certificate

Certificate no. : MSC/MD/2021/000002

NON Conviction Certificate

Certificate no. : NCC/MD/2020/000118

Certificate Of Compliance (WHO-GMP)

Certificate no. : UQ-12857