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Xlo is leading manufacturer and supplier of acrylic bone cement, disposable syringes and bone cement injector gun solely focused on delivering innovation to orthopedic surgeons across India. It is indeed a privilege to be associated with Xlo as we take this path together with a commitment to excellence in medical products, quality, and patient care. We are the Syringe Manufacturer in India. Our products have been completely latex-free, contain no rubber or silicone plugs and are completely biocompatible.

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Acrylic Bone Cement, Disposable Syringe Kit & Cement Gun

Bone cements have been used very successfully to anchor artificial joints for more than half a century.

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Bone cement syringes are essential medical devices that are used in orthopaedic surgeries to apply artificial parts (implants or prostheses) to bones. The manufacturers of bone cement syringes are critical in maintaining high levels of quality, reliability, and safety of these devices.

Xlo is one of the leading disposable syringe manufacturers in India following guidance laid down by the Indian Pharmaceutical Association. Disposable Syringe is Bio-safe and they are sterilized by ethylene oxide. Bio-safe Syringes are single-used high quality guaranteed to provide leak-proof syringes you can get from us at an affordable price.

Xlo is one of India’s leading most medical disposable products manufacturing, supplying, and exporting companies. We have a robust manufacturing facility and have full control over the entire production and supply. It has made us the top disposable syringe manufacturers in India. The Disposable Syringe offered by us is manufacturing using high quality raw materials and is known for its excellent workmanship and durability. 

Xlo’s comprehensive assortment of bone cements, products for mixing and delivery, pressurization and bone bed preparation, is one of the most complete portfolios for Modern Cementing Technique in the market today.

Modern Cementing Technique is a documented procedure. The objective with the procedure is to obtain the optimal cement-bone and cement-implant interfaces to achieve long-term implant survival.

We are determined to uphold the highest level of quality in all parts of our production process such as product design and manufacturing, customer service and supports. Our culture of innovations yields to the search of new materials, technologies, and design concepts, thus, developing the bone cement, syringes, and cement gun to match the requirements of the orthopedic community.

At Xlo, we provide a vast assortment of specialized bone cement, disposable syringes, and cement injector gun that can satisfy the numerous requirements of orthopedic surgeons and their patients.