XL – Foundation “C” Stem

Modular bipolar and total hip replacement system

Modular Bipolar and Total Hip Replacement System

From joint preservation to complex revision arthroplasty, Xlo offers a comprehensive portfolio of bipolar and total hip replacement systems that combine rich clinical heritage with modern technological advancements. Each of these is designed to address the distinct needs of individual patients, while simplifying surgical workflow.

xl-foundation "c"

Cemented Modular Bi-polar & Total Hip Replacement System

Suites all forms of bone anatomy. Highly polished surface & absence of sharp edges, minimizes debris, eliminates stress concentration and cracks. No turning moment and calcar absorption as the stem is collarless.

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Our expansive technology portfolio unites the latest innovations in biological fixation, advanced bearing materials and infection diagnosis to offer surgeons and hospitals the ability to meet the various needs of today’s patients

Our xl-foundation “c” cemented modular bi-polar & total hip replacement system hip portfolio encompasses femoral and acetabular systems to address the specific needs of each patient and implant designs to accommodate the surgeon’s chosen philosophy.

We have pioneered path-breaking technology in manufacturing a diverse and vast orthopedic implants portfolio. And with the support of world renowned surgeons, we have emerged as frontrunners in this segment. Today, we offer a wide range of innovative bipolar and total hip replacement systems to Trauma along with the Revision portfolio. 

At Xlo, we have a guiding principle that the Physician-Patient-Product interaction is of utmost importance. Based on this foundation, our implants are designed in collaboration with world-renowned surgeons, in world-class manufacturing facilities to offer cutting-edge technology with unique intellectual property, backed by decades of research. 

We are now focused on providing quality healthcare through high-end orthopedic implants and trusted services to our customers across the world. All our products are backed by a large number of clinical studies, enrolling patients globally and supported by a team of global scientific advisors.

Only company in India to use robots to manufacture efficient & error-free total hip replacement system implants. We believe in providing the best quality modular bipolar and total hip replacement system with best possible service.

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