Patient Specific Implant
Patient Specific Implant Systems


3D Patient-specific Implants & Jigs Designed To Fit Each Patient

XLO is the only dedicated & first orthopedic implant manufacturing company focusing on 3d printed patient specific implants with in-house 3d printing lab.

A revolution in the implant industry was created with the fast and reliable production of patient specific implants

(PSI) to fix bone and skull defects. PSI is a rapidly emerging clinical treatment for various bone deformities including injuries due to accidents, war casualties, tumors, aesthetic requirement, functional improvisation, and congenital anomalies.

The technologies such as additive manufacturing, medical patient specific implant manufacturing also known as 3D printing are robustly growing in the healthcare industry. Some of the well-established processes in the surgical fields include 3D virtual surgical planning, fabrication of anatomical models, and patient-specific implants (PSI).

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Xlo’s 3D printed patient-specific implants (PSI) allows the construction of almost any complex design geometry, which cannot be manufactured using other technologies. 3D printed PSI offers high-temperature performance, chemical resistance, fatigue resistance and lightweight.

Xlo offers a complete, effective, and clinically-validated software solution to create high-quality patient specific implants. Jigs, etc. faster and at lower costs. The XL-Creations provide patient specific solutions and flexible services to integrate easily with your existing workflow resulting in a frictionless experience loved by surgeons as well as their patients.

XLO is the only dedicated & first orthopaedic patient specific implant systems manufacturer and supplier company focusing on 3d Printed Patient Specific Implants with in-house 3d Printing Lab.

If there is one thing that surgeons appreciate more than anything else, it is predictability of the surgical outcome. XLO implants bring you that level of confidence, so you can concentrate on planning & executing surgeries that can completely change a patient’s life.

Benefits of Patient-Specific Implants

There are multiple benefits of manufacturing patient specific implants using 3D metal printing for the surgeons as well as patients. Patient specific implant manufacturing or 3D metal printed PSI offers better anatomic fit, reduced operating time, and satisfying aesthetic results compared to conventionally manufactured PSI. Customized implants allow surgeons to reconstruct the defect in the best possible way along with time minimization for improving patient outcomes and well-being. The PSI also allows producing complex anatomical shapes, meshed or porous structures. Virtually any design feature is possible using 3D metal printing, which is always a limitation in case of conventionally manufactured PSI. Take a look at some 3D metal printing applications in the medical industry.

XL- Creations I 3D Patient Solutions

3D Patient Solutions is a consultative, concierge level service provided by XLO. Design brings the level of expertise and surgical planning you demand in complex cases. The interactive experience enables a personalized planning approach for each patient allowing you to better manage pre & post-operative outcomes.

Optimize your production with our scan-model-print platform

XL-Creations eliminates time-consuming procedures and labor-intensive processes from the traditional workflow, enabling a digital workflow that offers a frictionless and efficient experience for surgeons as well as their patients. Manage the entire process from scan to fitting with our experts in the minimum possible time.

3D Scanning

Scanning the patient’s limb ensures you obtain accurate dimensions, taking into account all specific morphologies. You’ll no longer need plaster casts or other tedious measuring methods.

3D Modeling

Our XL-Creations experts design the model/templates from CT scan provided in 1 mm slice in continuous consultation with surgeons to have perfect fitting implants/jigs for patients.

3D Printing

By 3D printing the devices through the XLO platform, you remain in full control of the production of implants or jigs, at your practice or in our state-of-the-art production facility.

In House 3D Printing

Our 3D printing experts will help you set up a 3D printing station at your practice, if required. To assist you in setting up a local 3D printing workshop, we provide educational content, printers, hands-on training and tool kits in our XL-ARE division.