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  • Suits all forms of bone anatomy.
  • Highly polished surface & absence of sharp edges minimize debris, eliminate stress concentration and cracks.
  • No turning moment and calcar absorption as the stem is collarless.
  • The tapered stem leads to excellent radial compressive Loading & Reduces shear forces.
  • Markers indicating a level of insertion is a useful tool in the hand of surgeons for limb length equality.
  • Easy to implant and versatile as it provides a wide range of sizes to meet the varying needs of a patient for proper fitment in the medullary canal, and appropriate cement mantle.
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Arthroscopy Manufacturers and Suppliers

Xlo, where innovation meets precision in arthroscopic technology. Xlo is a leader in manufacturers of arthroscopy instrumentation and in revolutionizing the minimally invasive approach that surgeons take to patients.

Arthroscopy has changed the way orthopedic surgery is done today. Patients have shorter recovery periods, less postoperative pain, and smaller incisions. Giving the patient the best outcome is important to our surgeons. XLO is an arthroscopy manufacturer in India made from quality raw materials.

Determined to provide surgeons with the best and toughest arthroscopic instrumentation, we work hand-in-hand with research laboratories and medical device manufacturers to develop instrumentation with high-quality standards and precision-driven manufacturing.

As well as our products being the best, we offer the complete range of marketing responsibilities to meet the needs of all patients. Patients can be assured of our quality and after-sales service. Our well-trained personnel are always there to provide necessary training for surgeons and hospitals to perform successful surgeries. We are ever responsive to provide support and answers to any questions that may arise as part of our continuous improvement initiative.

Join us in advancing the future of arthroscopy surgery. Explore our range of products and discover how Xlo can elevate your practice to new heights of excellence.

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